Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 - Louisville, MS
Hunting in Lampasas, TX
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Teaching 5th Grade?!?!

As the day draws near I'm getting more and more nervous about what I am going to be teaching next year. I have been to a weeks worth of district inductions/trainings and today we start our kick-off week. The kids will show up on the 23rd ready or not, yikes! Luckily because I'm a "new" teacher I don't have to do lesson plans, my team does them... crazy huh? So much to do, so little time!

Sweet Nephew!

Meet my sweet nephew! Just born April 9th and already going through so many changes. He is starting to roll over, laugh and "talk." I wish I could spend more time with him... maybe soon!

These are a few of my favorite things...

The little boots on my mantle were Jeff's first pair of cowboy boots when he was 5 years old! He didn't go anywhere without them. Jeff's stepmom kept them all these years and just gave them to us last week. Can't wait to put a kid of our own in them! The books are three of my favorites. "The Art of the Boot" has the history and origins of the cowboy boot; what amazing works of art! "Lone Star Living" has a variety of Texas homes and ranches with great decorating ideas. The bottom book "Lampasas County Texas" has the history and origins of all the people from Lampasas. Jeff has some relatives in there too.
Isn't this old trunk neat? Jeff's grandmother gave it to us last week because she know how much I love antiques and family heirlooms. It belonged to her great grandmother, Jeff's great, great grandmother who traveled with the trunk moving from Mississippi to Lampasas, Texas to live with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents died... and guess who was on the train with her, Wild Bill Hickok himself!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't blogged in forever! So sorry to my readers who probably stopped looking at the blog months ago due to inactivity. :)

Moving News...
I got a job at Skipcha Elementary in Harker Heights, Texas!! I will be teaching 5th grade, which is a huge jump from what I teach now (2nd). I am a little anxious but very excited about the change! I love the older kids and the curriculum! We also found a house to rent, I can see my school from our house. We have a contract on our house in NC and right now (if nothing changes) we will be closing July 28th! God has really blessed this move and allowed everything to fall into place! Our official moving date is July 7th! Only 9 days away... yikes! Jeff has been packing while I am at work. Today is our last day of the school year so I will be home packing for the next week.

River Boat Cruise...
This past week I took off work to go on a Potomac river cruise with the Texas Girls in Jeff's family. We had an amazing time! Every meal was a 3 course meal, stuffed lobster, crab cakes, etc. We made stops in Maryland, including Annapolis, and Virginia, including DC. Pics to come...

Friday, April 16, 2010


So... I was talking to a friend about getting into photography and she suggested I check out this website. She said the woman has advice for everything, and even some great recipes! Just thought I'd share.


We're Moving to Texas!!

We are going to be moving in July to the Georgetown/Austin area. Jeff will be starting his own construction company (JC Builders)! We are very anxious and excited about this next step. We will be around family, Jeff's dad's side lives about 40 minutes away and his mom's side (with the exception of his mom, step-dad and sister) live close by as well. I have an Aunt in Fort Worth so I will be near some of my family as well. We have been praying about this decision for over a year now and finally feel like we are being led to make the move. Please continue to pray for us, and that I will get a job as I may be the primary "bread winner" when we first get started, YIKES! I have begun applying for jobs but haven't heard anything yet. We will be taking a trip to Texas in May to find a place to live, hopefully I will have interviews with a few school and for Jeff to begin his company! Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Shower

I hosted Kate's baby shower today, 3 days after Brody was born! To my defense, he was born 3 weeks early! It worked out for the best because all of Kate's family was here for the birth and stayed in town for the shower. I struggled with some of the food (the brown and blue Oreo balls were my arch nemesis for a while, but I finally won the battle! Everything was great and Kate got lots of cute and useful things!

What a beautiful family!!

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Planting Season

We planted a few flowers yesterday with the help of Lily! Who knew she had such a green thumb?

New Baby!

March 24, 2010 (1:02 AM)
8lbs 2oz
Congratulations to the Rosamond family on their new addition! We are so excited for you guys and are honored to be a part of your lives. We love you guys and look forward to watching baby Brody grow up! Here are a few pictures I took at the hospital the day Brody was born. He is a beautiful healthy baby, and momma (Kate) is doing good too!
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We have a new addition....

Meet Lily Belle Crawford!
I went to the huge Raleigh flea market last Saturday with some girlfriends for my birthday day and as we were walking around we saw a man giving away puppies. I sent Jeff a picture acting like I got one and to my surprise, he wasn't upset. Well, I came home empty handed that day but convinced Jeff to go back with me the next day because the man promised he would bring the "white female" aka Lily. When we saw her we fell in love but knew we didn't need another dog! So we walked away to rationalize the "think things through." We needed to consult our all-time decision maker, the coin! Jeff flipped the coin landed on tails meaning "no dog." Jeff said that was trial, let's flip again. So we did..... and it landed on "no dog" again. We looked at eachother and said, let's go get her! Jeff also said the price was right (free!) We brought her home and after only a few minutes Charlie fell in love too. They do everything together and she has adjusted to the family well. So, that's the story of how Lily came into our lives.
She is a 6 week old (7 weeks tomorrow) Lab/ Golden mix.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trip Home

I had a wonderful time at home this past weekend. I flew home last Thursday and spent the day with mom shopping. That night mom, dad, Lindsey, Will and I all went out for Oysters at one of my favorite local resturaunts, Wintzel's Oyster Bar. Friday mom and I spent the day shopping and hanging out. Saturday morning we went to Bay Front Park and took pictures of Lindsey and Will (8 months pregnant). Sunday we went to Lindsey's baby shower... only 2 month to go! I can't wait to be an Aunt and meet Baby Miles. That night we all grilled out and enjoyed my dad's famous steaks. Monday mom and I spent the day in Fairhope eating seafood and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. I flew home yesterday and when Jeff picked me up he had a dozen roses waiting in the truck.... he is so sweet! I am tracked out unitl March 8th and look forward to getting a lot of my to-do list marked off!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


For Jeff's Valentine's Day present I got us tickets to the "World's Toughest Rodeo" in Raleigh this past Saturday night. We had a great time watching Bronco and Bull riding! It was my first BIG rodeo and it was very entertaining. Any time you have a chance to go to a rodeo... take it! I can't wait for the next one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This past Saturday we got about 5 inches of snow. After much advisement from the news/government to stay indoors unless it is an emergency, we all decided to go eat at the Waffle House Saturday morning. There were surprisingly a lot of people there. Afterwards we went to Wal-mart so Jeff and Bear could buy pellet guns (we had our priorities figured out!) That afternoon, after sledding and gun slaying the neighborhood boys played touch football in the "2010 snow bowl." We went over to Bear and Kate's that night for pizza and fun. The next day the snow had turned to ice (perfect for sledding) so we went out to the trails across the street to play. (See above pictures). We went to Bear and Kate's to watch movies and enjoy hot chocolate afterwards... we basically live there! :) All work was canceled for Monday so the 5 of us went to Cary to enjoy sushi, Starbucks and Bear's reckless driving. What Fun! Today school was canceled again so I did some things around the house; still waiting to hear if we are on a delay for tomorrow.... Happy Winter!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year's

We had a blast in Jackson, MS on New Year's Eve. Parker's wedding was beautiful!! I miss you girls!